About me

I am an additive manufacturing researcher with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (ME) from the University of California, Merced, where I am also currently finishing my Ph.D. in ME. I completed my undergraduate studies in ME at the University of Jordan, after which I worked as a project supervisor trainee at Triangle Shipyard, a ship building and ship repair company in Dubai maritime city. This experience showed me the capabilities and importance of innovative designs. Still, seeing the limitations of conventional manufacturing motivated me to pursue a higher education in researching additive manufacturing.

My Ph.D. work focuses on optimizing the mechanical behavior of polymer and metallic additively manufactured parts. This is accomplished by optimizing the processing parameters of SLM and FDM manufacturing processes or by developing post processing treatments. Metallurgical analysis and metallography combined with design of experiments and data driven analysis approaches were utilized to additively manufacture reliable and durable parts.

I have a strong background in different additive manufacturing technologies and metallography characterization techniques. Additionally, I have a fundamental understanding of finite element analysis (FEA) using Abaqus and Ansys, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using open-source platform such as OpenFOAM. I am always excited to gain new skills to solve new challenging problems.